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AALBORG PBL WEEK: International Conference and Symposium Open for Papers

In August 2020, Aalborg hosts a week of PBL including the 8th international research symposium on PBL: "Educate for the future: PBL, sustainability and digitalization" and PBL 2020: "Transforming PBL through hybrid learning models". CfU invites interested researchers to submit abstracts for papers for either conference.

Lagt online: 28.10.2019


AAU is proud to host two PBL major PBL events, an international research symposium and an international conference in August 2020 referred to as "PBL week". It is not possible to submit abstracts/papers for either event. 

The 8th international research symposium covers topics such as: Sustainability and interdisciplinarity, Democracy, diversity and social progress, Strategies for digitalised learning, Management of change, Curriculum design, Generating innovative and interdisciplinary knowledge and practices, Assessment methods, Variety of problems, projects and learning spaces, Facilitation in a PBL environment, Blended PBL learning environments, PBL and entrepreneurship and PBL for continuing professional development. If these are themes you are interested in or researching, be sure to check out the call for papers in the link below.

To learn more about the international research symposium on PBL and how to submit papers, press this link.

The international conference on PBL's theme this year revolves around a focus on transforming PBL through hybrid learning models. The theme could cover elements such as: Blended learning, Interdisciplinary learning, Individual and collaborative learning, Disciplines and Coherent educational models. The final deadline for submission of abstracts and full papers are January 15th. 

To learn more about the international conference on PBL and how to submit papers, press this link.

The PBL week will take place in the beautiful AAU building CREATE located in the center of Aalborg bridging stunning architecture right by the sea with a vibrant city centre dominated by students and young professionals as pointed out by The Guardian