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Associate Professor Tatiana Chemi have several publications and/or new editions of books and book chapters coming out - just in time for you to add them to your summe reading list!

Lagt online: 23.06.2020

myths, values and new perspectives

It has been a delightful couple of weeks for Associate Professor Tatiana Chemi, who have several publications and/or new editions of books and book chapters coming out. Our Reseearcher of the Month is in her own words "writing for a living, researching for surviving and teaching for disruption", combining all three in recent publications.

For the Danish speakers, Chemi has recently published a book on creative learning processes and aesthetic perspectives with contributions from other prominent names in the field ("Kreative læreprocesser og æstetiske perspektiver: (Ud)dannelse for det hele menneske"). Multilingual Tatiana Chemi's popular book "A Theatre Laboratory Approach to Pedagogy and Creativity" is now avaible as a paperback/softcover. She has contributed with a chapter to the book "Innovation and the Arts: The Value of Humanities Studies for Business" edited by Piero Formica and John Edmondson. Her chapter is titled "The Golden Path Towards the Arts In/With Business" and revolves around the arts with business, the arts for business and the arts' disruptuive business. She has contributed with another chapter to the recent publication (in Danish) "En mere kreativ skole" (translation: A More Creative School). The book's editors are Vibeke Boelt, Martin Jørgensen and Anne Littauer, and Chemi's chapter revolves around the addressing common myths and misconceptions about creativity in education. 

Tatiana is currently our Researcher of the Month on the CfU Twitter profile. Press here to read our recent tweets about Chemi's work!