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FLOW seminar: Migration, Welfare States and Citizenship

Citizenship researcher Rainar Bauböck will be in Aalborg on August 6th, where the interdisciplinary research project FLOW has arranged for a seminar regarding migration, welfare states and citizenship.

Lagt online: 24.06.2019

migration, welfare states and citizenship - a flow seminar with rainar bauböck

Developer of the theory of democratic inclusion, Rainar Bauböck, will be presenting at a FLOW-seminar held on August 6th at Nordkraft in Aalborg. It is open for all, but does require registration, which can be done by e-mailing Inge Merete Ejsing-Dunn (ime@dps.aau.dk). The seminar will revolve around migration, the welfare state and citizenship, and have a broad range of presenters from the fields of sociology, political science, philosophy and education. 



 Rainer Bauböck:  Comparative data and global patterns of citizenship laws and electoral rights + Q/A 
(To watch a lecture with Bauböck, press here)

 Kristian Kriegbaum Jensen:  How deep do national models go? Citizenship policy attitudes of young adult Scandinavians  
 Mette Buchardt:  The Nordic Model and Education of the Migrants. A Policy History Perspective  
 Karen Nielsen-Breidahl:  Life in a “suspended state”: How to welcome the ‘unwelcome’?  

 12.15 -13.00: 
Lunch (free) 

13.00 – 14.00: 
 Troels Fage Hedegaard:  Perceived and Real Insecurity. Attitudes To Migrant Workers In Denmark, 2007-2018 
 Vadims Murasovs:  The dynamics of immigration and welfare discourses in political communication in Denmark and Sweden 

 14.00 -14.30:

 Christian Albrekt Larsen The progressive dilemma revised: Book chapter related to the FLOW project  
 Simon Laumann Jørgensen Democratic Inclusion, presentation related to the project Borders of Democracy Migration

To learn more about the interdiscplinary project, FLOW, press here.