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Website for new Network for Education Reform research ready for exploration

Head of CfU, Mette Buchardt, is co-director of a new European research network. The network focuses on Education reforms and offers a range of workshops over the coming years.

Lagt online: 05.03.2020

reforms in education: a european research network

The network is directed by Johannes Westberg (Groningen, NL/Örebro, Swe), together with Mette Buchardt (Aalborg), Michael Geiss (Zurich), and Jane Gingrich (Oxford). The network has been funded with the aim of theoretical and methodological reflection as well as interdiscplinarity in the field of national education reforms in Europe throughout the 20th centery. We have previously written about the network including which questions the networks seeks to answer. Press here to read or re-read the article. CfU look forward to watch the network unfold and applaud international and interdiscplinary initiatives. 

Two invited speakers have already been confirmed by the network with more to come.

To learn more about the network and explore their website, press here.