Educational Access and Social Justice (EDUSOC)

Educational Access and Social Justice

Lagt online: 05.11.2019

Educational Access and Social Justice (EDUSOC)

Programme leader: Annette Rasmussen (Associate professor)

Aalborg University members

Karen Egedal Andreasen (Associate professor)

Elisabeth Lauridsen Lolle (Postdoc)

Lars Bang Jensen (Associate professor)

Palle Rasmussen (Professor emeritus) 


The programme has been initiated on the basis of a change in structures and empirical trends on a number of educational areas: 

The increased privatization of the primary school area (e.g. a change in funding)

Marketisation of secondary education (new distribution structures)

Transisitions to tertiary education (new admittance requirements)

Changed provision of adult education in lowly populated areas (closing of adult education centers)

research regarding a number of structures

Institutional structures
Assessment structures
Transitional structures
Governance structures

To investigate, the programme utilizes actor-structure approaches, a combination of methods - structuralist/constructivist, quantitative/qualitative, local/international and ethnography/register based statistics.

Current and planned activities

Upper Secondary School Governance in Scandinavia - Planned conference participation and collaboration on an anthology. 

Education preparedness evaluation (Uddannelsesparathedsvurderinger) – thematizised through projects

Higher education admission policies – writing project

Cultivating Excellence in Education – writing project

School choice between public and private - planned project collaboration 

International Perspectives on Education Policy – Ph.d.-course/winter school

Paradigm conterversies within Danish school politics - writing project